One on one training:

Pam offers private, one on one lessons in your own home.  This ensures each program will be tailor made for you and your dog, allowing focus to be on you and the goals that you have for you and your canine companion.  Each dog is very different, learning at different paces and with different techniques.  Just like humans, there is no cookie cutter way to train every dog.  After doing group lessons and seeing how some struggled while others grew bored waiting for others to catch up, Pam feels one on one is the optimum way to get as much from your training time as possible as it is all about you and your dog with no set agenda other than your goals.

 Puppy Training:

Pam offers a 5 week "puppy package" that will teach your pup the basic skills such as sit, down, stay, coming when called, loose leash walking, leave it, settling on a mat, while also focusing on good manners and problem behaviors such as jumping, puppy mouthing, and potty/crate training.

Adult dogs:

Pam trains all ages and levels of dogs. If you are past the puppy stage and want to go on to advanced skills, Pam will help you refine the ones you already have and introduce more challenging distractions and every day situations that will give your dog an even broader set of skills.

Behavior modification consults and temperament evaluations:

 Many of Pam's clients have dogs dealing with behavioral issues.  any problem behavior will be assessed and discussed on an individual basis and Pam will provide a program to help achieve your needs and goals when possible.  Pam is also available to temperament test any dogs you might be thinking about adding to your home and let you know if they would be a good fit for you and your family.